"Graceland" is the name of my favorite song and album. It's by Paul Simon, but more importantly, it's what "home" sounds and feels like to me. We always listened to this album as we traveled from my home in Tennessee to my parents' childhood homes in Florida. But today, it's also a pretty good snapshot of my theology. Somewhere I really believe that the Christian journey is all about a wild trip to Grace-land. As I see it, Grace-land is the place where God is waiting to meet even us–with all the baggage and brokeness that we tote with us. Grace-land is the place where we will be received with open arms, even though our attempts at “getting it right” have been miserable failures at best. But, I think, every step we take is a step on the journey to Graceland.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

The First Thanksgiving

Well, maybe last year was my First Thanksgiving... the first one as a married woman with her own house and domain...and kitchen...and ways of doing things. I drug out the china and crystal and did the turkey and whole shebang, and my husband proudly (and hopefully, truthfully) described it as a “Norman Rockwell” Thanksgiving.  Oh, yeah... I was proud.  And exhausted. And then later, rather sick.

And so when Thanksgiving rolled around this year, doing all that craziness just didn’t hit the top of my list. I always love to set a table in the beautiful way that I hear my grandmother always did things.  I’m even a “three fork” table setter.   But this year, I couldn’t talk myself into it.  I couldn’t convince myself that I wanted to spend all day Wednesday and Thursday cooking for only four people.

So the four of us made the trek to Cracker Barrel, where things are simpler.  It definitely wasn’t a “three-fork” meal, but we laughed and talked...and relaxed.  We enjoyed the fire, and the food could not possibly have been any better.

Watch out, Thanksgiving 2011.  There might just be a new tradition...