"Graceland" is the name of my favorite song and album. It's by Paul Simon, but more importantly, it's what "home" sounds and feels like to me. We always listened to this album as we traveled from my home in Tennessee to my parents' childhood homes in Florida. But today, it's also a pretty good snapshot of my theology. Somewhere I really believe that the Christian journey is all about a wild trip to Grace-land. As I see it, Grace-land is the place where God is waiting to meet even us–with all the baggage and brokeness that we tote with us. Grace-land is the place where we will be received with open arms, even though our attempts at “getting it right” have been miserable failures at best. But, I think, every step we take is a step on the journey to Graceland.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Practicing Gratitude

I’m working on a sermon for Sunday on Luke’s story about the ten healed lepers, only one of whom said thank you.  And as it always does, this text wants something from me. It wants to know if I’m grateful.  It wants to know if I’ve bothered to look around, and follow the advice of the song, “Count your blessings, one by one.” The truth is, at best, sometimes.

But on a blue-sky day like this one, I want to remind myself of the things that fill me with life and dreams. I want to practice an attitude of “Give thanks in all things”, which of course, is not as easy to do as it is to talk about doing.

Today, in no particular order, I’m thankful for:

my husband, and the ones that love me even when I have little to offer them

my doggy, who seems to have no care in the world, besides having the most fun that she can at any given moment.

this delicious weather, and the bold colors and flavors and textures that come with it

a quick chat with a much-missed friend, and the promise of a longer conversation later

a quiet, drama-free week...so far

a little space to breathe and think and dream and pray

eyedrops that are helping a random, weirdo eyeball infection

a good meal on the horizon tonight, with some of the people I love

And so... “as we go on our way, we rejoice and give thanks; for in giving thanks in all things, we find that God, indeed, is in all things.” (Kimberly Long)


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