"Graceland" is the name of my favorite song and album. It's by Paul Simon, but more importantly, it's what "home" sounds and feels like to me. We always listened to this album as we traveled from my home in Tennessee to my parents' childhood homes in Florida. But today, it's also a pretty good snapshot of my theology. Somewhere I really believe that the Christian journey is all about a wild trip to Grace-land. As I see it, Grace-land is the place where God is waiting to meet even us–with all the baggage and brokeness that we tote with us. Grace-land is the place where we will be received with open arms, even though our attempts at “getting it right” have been miserable failures at best. But, I think, every step we take is a step on the journey to Graceland.

Saturday, January 28, 2012


Oops.  Several weeks ago I wrote a post entitled "Everything is coming up...tulips!" Only that is definitely not a tulip, but a lovely, frangrant, unexpected Blue-thingamabobber.  (If someone knows its actual name, I would love to know.)  I planted lots of bulb flowers last spring, and it's been lots of fun to watch these green sprout things start poking their heads out of the soil.  Bulb flowers definitely aren't the instant gratification sort of flowers, but more the surprise-you-when-you-least-expect-them sorts.  If the mean (though very cute) little moles didn't eat all the bulbs, I expect that I should have some Irises and Tulips and Jonquils coming up too, but I guess I'll just have to wait and see.

Strong, hearty, growing beneath the surface bulb flowers make this girl awfully happy (and not only because it seems like they can survive even my awful gardening skills!)

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